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tr_xix's Journal

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stephen king characters as played on tabula rasa

this is a planning community for muns of characters from stephen king's novels and short stories. this is *not* just dark-tower related; it's for any pup from any s.king work, no matter how obscure. if this applies to you, please join!

this comm is maintained by intrinsicworth.
19, arthur eld, bad gunky, big pink, black thirteen, blaine, boing boing burger, boo'ya moon, breakers, can'ka no rey, can-toi, captain tripps, charlie the choo-choo, clowns, crimson king, derry, dim, dinh, dreamcatcher, duddits, duma key, eld, glue boy, guardians, gunslingers, hearts, hemingford home, jericho hill, ka, ka-tet, khef, little white doctors, lobstrosities, low men, ma debusher's african, marten, mejis, memory warehouse, midworld lanes, mother abigail, mr. grey, muffin balls, nineteen, north central positronics, nozz-a-la, palaver, pennywise, perse, popkins, prime numbers, randall flag, riddles, shardick, smuck, sowisa, ssdd, stephen king, taheen, takuro spirit, the beams, the big t, the dark man, the dark tower, the dixie pig, the dogan, the high speech, the man in black, the mein gott bed, the overlook, the pool (from-which-we-all-go-down-to-drink), the prim, the road virus, the rose, the shining, the talisman, the touch, the tower, the turtle, the walkin' dude, the white, todash, twinning, vietnam, wizard's glasses