Cuthbert Allgood (saikamai) wrote in tr_xix,
Cuthbert Allgood

Hello hello hello, constant readers and islanders! Thank you for joining up with our little community and let's get this ball rolling, shall we?

I'm Lindsay- I play Cuthbert Allgood, Scott Landon and some other chick who's not a Stephen King character. XD I'm a puffickly hoo-yooge fan of Sai King and it makes me ridiculously happy to have our very own corner of the island for chat and planning.

It's sort of been my goal to create a microcosm of the Stephen King metaverse on Tabula Rasa, and I hope we can use this community to generally chat about our long-term character goals, and what we'd like to see happen in the way of plot. I basically just want to generate ideas based on our shared knowledge of various books, and assist each other in freaking out/frightening/inspiring/healing/amusing our pups- whatever the case may be.

Ummm... lessee. I'll start my introductions in the comments, and maybe you guys can follow. Yeees? :}
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