Edgar Freemantle (view_from_duma) wrote in tr_xix,
Edgar Freemantle

well hey there kids,

tonight i'll be debuting my new pup, mr. edgar freemantle from 'duma key'. he's going to be appearing on the edge of dino territory, bloody and shaken up but not severely hurt. i'm asking that nobody who would tell him about ilse tag him right away, which i realize rules a few of you out-- but those that don't know her (or just don't know her well enough to know her dad's a one-armed artist named edgar, lol) are more than welcome. i'd like to get as many fellow s.king pups as i can, so any of you who might be meandering on the beach near dino territory, tag away! :D

after the debut, edgar's going to spend a few weeks going a little native-- avoiding the main island settlement at all costs, basically, but i will be EPing him again before he decides to man up and go back to society, so anyone who doesn't get a chance to tag the debut could do so then.

idk why i put this here since it basically says the same as the slated post, but i'm so thrilled to officially join the ranks of s.king muns, lol. any questions or comments, leave 'em here, and/or any plot ideas for current or forthcoming stuff is awesome, too. \o/ \o/ \o/ and i'll talk to most of you later tonight!
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