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Feb. 17th, 2009 | 05:55 pm
posted by: saikamai in tr_xix

So, I just wanted to do a quick recap of our ideas in the Dark Tower planning chat that was held last night, 02/16.

So, I figure that everyone who really cares was present, lol, but just so we've got it down here for our records and so the other muns with SK pups can see what we've got brewing.

So far, our timeline looks like this:

Cort's arrival in late March
Cort's going to show up on the island for a temp-plot, which has the larger purpose of permitting Bert to test and win his guns, though it'll shake things up for both of the boys and serve as a catalyst for the up and coming Dark Tower stuff on the schedule.

Ideas for Cort include the staff debacle, the conflicts leading up to Bert's test, the boys engaging in traditional gunslinger training with Cort, Cort's interactions with other pups (Lloyd, Arya, etc) annnnd that's all I've got for the moment. Cort will be invited back to New Gilead to stay, and Bert will offer his hut to Cort, and stay with Alain. The boys will begin work on a third cabin for their instructor, only to have him disappear a few weeks later (mere days after Bert's test).

Susan's arrival in late April
After chatting to Anita, it looks like Susan will be taken not quite halfway through the Wizard and Glass flashback, in the scene where Sheemie presents her with flowers. She will not pregnant this time around, and she will have a closed debut. We all tossed around some ideas concerning her arrival, mentioning the possibility of dino country as a point of island entrance and also the possibility of the boys finding her caught in a trap they'd set for a wild boar. XD Important points: Sue won't any of the gunslingers real names, nor will she know of the majority of the trouble that gets stirred up in the coming weeks. She likely won't recognize Alain, who is considerably older than when she last saw him.

Susan will be invited back to the gunslinger's camp, where they will offer her a very sisterly place in Bert's cabin. Cuthbert will stay in Alain's extra bedroom. They'll continue working on the hut started for Cort, only now with Susan in mind.

Eddie's arrival at an unknown point
Sometime when Lauren is free, we'll rope her into a chat with us to discuss Eddie's point of departure from canon and his arrival on the island, and how we'll entwine him with the gunslinger plot.

Roland's arrival in May
After chatting with Steph, it seems that Roland's arrival is likely going to be while he is ensnared by the pink wizard's glass, when it forces him to choose between a life with Susan and saving the Tower. It will also be a closed debut. Roland, of course, will also be brought back to New Gilead.

It was also mentioned that Cuthbert and Alain have likely added an arrow pointing to New Gilead below the Tabula Rasa signpost (as a possible way for one of the DT characters to locate the boys without direct interaction), that if the adolescents don't cool it Alain may seek a new set of friends, and that Cuthbert is very likely to get kicked in the unmentionables if his foolery persists. Also, New Gilead may possibly become a nudist colony.



No, but seriously, add your two cents in the comments if you've got anything to add. :)

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Alain Johns

(no subject)

from: notwithmyhand
date: Feb. 18th, 2009 04:07 am (UTC)

Just to add it to the timeline to keep straight the things bert and alain both know about the future (well Bert, Cort, and Roland's future...and Susan's not-so-future): aka truth telling plot aka B&A go camping take two. At the moment we intended on doing it prior to Cort showing up.

Thoughts on when to date that: We could do it with enough time for them to settle into their routine again and settle out of weirdness(if any -- we'll have to play it to see I think). Or alternately, it could happen very close to Cort's arrival for added tension(keeping in mind that among other things Bert will most likely learn of Cort's death). When Alain tells Bert about stuff it's most likely going to be an all or nothing deal, although the biggest thing for him emotionally of course is being shot by his best buds. Sweet.

Um, also, on that note. Roland isn't on the island yet but he won't know any of that stuff either. :/ So thinking caps on for that one. A very fleeting thought is for Bert to spill the beans for a moment of sheer awkwardness. But other than that, I got nothing.

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