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6 degrees of seperation

If you haven't looked at and/or commented on Lindsay's post, please do that!

I have restructured the chart she made to show the relationships between our pups. Let me know if I got something wrong or missed something please! Also, while it makes sense to me, if it's confusing to you, please say so. Things things are cool in conception but strangely difficult to make clear.

-Light Grey lines = People not met but known on sight/through association

When you have a moment, please take the time to list pups that your characters are particularly close to. The general idea is to know how strongly action may touch certain pups even outside of our circle. This of course can also include SKing pups. For example:

1st Degree: (family and closest friends) Nick Andros, Scott & Lisey Landon, Jane Bennet
2nd Degree: Guy Burgess, Shepherd Book, and Sandor Clegane, Cuthbert Allgood
3rd Degree: Moritz Stiefel & Melchior Gabor
Special Cases: Lloyd Henreid

Most of us have other pups on TR. Take a moment to list what relationships those pups have with current SKing pups.

If your pups(any of them, not just SKing) are part of any sort of committee, workforce, etc. please list that.

Just a quick reference map to show where our pup's live in relation to one another.

With all this stuff I'm just trying to give us an overview of who and what we have to work with.

EDIT: ALSO, and maybe this would be good for a separate post, but we should all do this for our pups at some point to see who's who and what's what in their developmental stages with one another. Naturally this is another Lindsay original cause she's good like that. :D
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